WTK Airdrop on BitMart

Dear WTK Community,

On June 29th, we made the following announcement: https://wadzpay.medium.com/faq-upcoming-wtk-airdrop-9fa4b371d587In fulfilment of the above, we executed the snapshot on 1st July 2022 00:00 Singapore Time successfully and completed the airdrop distribution within 7 days.

We were eager to announce that we had fulfilled our promises to all WTK token holders pursuant to the airdrop campaign.

Unfortunately, the airdrop to the BitMart Exchange had an issue, as BitMart had claimed that they had received a shortfall of WTK tokens equivalent to approximately 18%.After several discussions and correspondences between BitMart and us, BitMart reduced the claimed shortfall, but there was still a gap in excess of 2 million WTK.

It was important to us that everyone in the community received the promised tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

We finally agreed to personally cover the gap in token numbers, as investor interests are always paramount to us.

We duly complied with this agreement and transferred the said WTK tokens on 18th August 2022. We can now finally announce that we have fulfilled our promise pursuant to our above announcement of 29 June 2022.We value our ongoing relationship with BitMart and will continue working closely together in the future.

We also thank WTK holders for their support, who we also thank for their patience while we resolved the issue.



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