Why Cryptocurrencies are Great for Payments

Ever consider buying a cup of coffee with Bitcoin? The answer is probably no, since Bitcoin’s price itself is highly volatile (and it’s getting more and more unpredictable recently). However, the technology behind cryptocurrencies is a huge benefit for payments. It offers faster transaction, affordable services, and privacy.

If you are one of those people who already own some crypto’, you must realise how easy it is to convert your cash into your selected tokens via a cryptocurrency exchange. The process is almost instant, requires almost no paperwork, and is highly secure. It appears to be the perfect way to make settlements, remittance, and money-switching.

Nevertheless, you may feel reluctant to do so, because you’re afraid of the scary word: volatility. But…

Volatility is NOT an Issue

This concern has been resolved some time ago, as there are many stable coins designed to eliminate the speculative nature of some digital currencies. Thus, whenever you have tokens or coins, even Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can convert them into the stable coin that you trust. After that, you can make a purchase or make a payment using the stable coin. The idea of a stable coin is to peg or tether the digital currency to a ‘real world’ currency. For example 1 USD is equal to 1 USDT (a US Dollar tethered stable coin).

That way, you won’t be worried that the coin’s value could be dramatically affected when you are about to make a payment. This stability comes with a multitude of benefits including lower transfer fees or charges than traditional payment methods, and with a much improved speed of settlement!

WadzPay is Here for You

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