WadzPay Team Spotlight & Power Hour: Ep 5 Francisca Adinda, our VP of PR& Communications

Entering the last week of August, we are pleased to share our latest Team Spotlight & Power Hour!

Episode 5 features Francisca Adinda, our VP of PR & Communications, who shares why PR has always been a long game and requires adequate runway. Hear from her on what is next for WadzPay, and how she aims to deliver outstanding results and maintains a long relationship with the stakeholders to continue to be precisely where the company want to be.

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In the communications team, we identify our followers, audience communication style, what content they talk about, and which channel they are using.

Team Spotlight

How did you get into communications in a blockchain-based payment platform company?

Well, it’s a move that brings together 2 of my loves, PR and communications, which is a love and passion of mine!

I’ve seen this industry as a fascinating space that drives a digital economy that relies on technology and innovation that support financial inclusion for everyone; it’s just so hard to ignore for better or worse!

What does it mean to be an effective communicator? And which skills help you be an effective communication specialist?

I believe in PR and communication by honesty; I would say the effective communicator, especially in WadzPay, focuses on product development, the problem in the market, and let the product quality and experience talk for themselves.

It’s going to be different if you are a communicator in the industry that creating new things. The communication strategy will be extra challenging because we need to make the audience understand what problem we are trying to solve. And the skill that helps me be an effective communicator is not rocket science but understanding the industry and knowing what the audience wants to hear.

What is your typical day as Head of PR and Communications at WazdPay?

First thing first, coffee! And I check what’s in the news globally, anything we can react to trending in the payment space, then checking my emails, some days will have endless calls meeting, some days I pitch to a journalist about WadzPay story.

What media outlets do you follow?

Mostly business media outlets that cover Asia and World update. CNA, CNBC, CNN is my top priority, blockchain-focused publication, and everything on Twitter!

What is the biggest PR win you ever receive at WadzPay?

As a communicator is increasing the share of voice of the brand and my CEO, we scored couples media footprint wins organically. But In WadzPay, we are just getting started!

Next for us is currently to deliver outstanding results and maintain our long relationships. PR has always been a long game and requires adequate runway. As the best results come from working in partnership over the long term. If we can maintain this relationship with our stakeholders, we will continue to be precisely where we want to be.

Power Hour

What steps do you take to establish effective internal communication?

Transparency, clarity using the right channel. We can create a great internal communications structure, but everything will go out of the window if it’s not transparent and clear enough.

What would you improve about WadzPay communications methods?

As a technology company, I hope the communications team would develop a skill set in which every strategy is created based on data-driven with the right message, channels, and practical communication measurement tools.

How do you tailor a message to a target audience?

There’s some method called “stakeholders mapping”. In the communications team, we identify our followers, audience communication style, what content they talk about, and which channel they are using. This is easier for us to communicate the same message differently and hope for a great result.

How do you develop trust in this industry?

Trust it is a long process to earn. In my perspective, our owned media has help boost trust. Our content in the newsroom has been helping to educate the audience; we gathered expert insights from different perspectives and different companies and invited various industry players to contribute. We create a micro and macro narrative to be discussed there. Some audience wants to hear what we have done in the market, but what we have not done also adds value for the audience.

What would you do if a campaign did not perform well?

Often, in PR, we pitch the story what we want to share but not what the audience wants to hear. The power of content is very critical. Journalist follow-up and casual conversation with them are an essential and integral part of a successful PR campaign; that way, we can get the journalist insight about what makes them write our story. So building a relationship with a journalist personally is one of the ways.

And when it comes to measurement, if we fail. The observation also comes from the industry trend, political situation that makes the audience maybe fatigue with our story. So it should come from a very different angle if we call it did not perform well.



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