WadzPay Announces Strategic Partnership with IDRP (Indonesian Stable Coin)

1 min readMar 13, 2021



WadzPay is announcing a partnership with the leading Indonesian Stable coin: IDRP.

The Singapore-based payments platform is a firm believer in Stable coins as a key building block towards the commercialisation and adoption of digital currencies for payments.

The IDRP team is excited about the partnership and the knowledge exchange between the two experienced teams. WadzPay App will be the first digital asset wallet that IDRP is available on.

IDRP was selected by WadzPay as the first Stable coin digital asset for its platform because of their commitment to Indonesia as the beachhead market and their intimate knowledge of South-East Asia. The token is audited and assets are guaranteed at a leading bank appointed by the Indonesian government.

The IDRP digital asset was created on the Tomochain TRC-21 protocol, another WadzPay strategic partner. Compared to Stable coins on Ethereum’s ERC-20 protocol, IDRP asset transfers are significantly faster, cheaper and do not require a native blockchain token balance for executions.

The token is available immediately on the WadzPay App.

WadzPay Website: http://www.wadzpay.com
IDRP Website: https://idrp.io/




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