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A day in the life for Stas from Rave Republic (when he is not innovating in Blockchain Marketing for WadzPay).

A number of professions and ways of life heavily rely on being able to make cross-border transfers. Unfortunately, despite being in an era where communication occurs at the speed of light, the lack of trust has made it hard for people to quickly send money across borders. The decentralised ledger and blockchain technology powering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies now make it possible to quickly send large amounts of funds around the world in minutes and at a minimal cost.

Stas, the Vice President — Marketing for WadzPay has also led a successful international career as part of the DJ Duo…

Written by Steve Tunstall

The E-Yuan is the world’s most advanced and biggest Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). China WILL make this work — and if it’s over the dead bodies of BTC and Super Apps (WeChat, Alipay, etc), well that isn’t going to stop them.

Check out #WTK token on Bitmart

If we want to get a sense of the future of electronic payments and how tokenisation is likely to change all our lives and finances in the next one to three years, then there is only one place to look for guidance, China.

China is so far ahead of the rest of the world…

NFTs, namely Non-fungible tokens, are the latest cryptocurrency phenomenon to go mainstream.

Earlier this year in March, a digital-only artwork was sold at Christie’s auction house for an eye-watering $69.3 million — but the winning bidder would not receive a sculpture, painting or even a print. Instead, they get a unique digital token known as an NFT.

While Bitcoin was hailed as the digital answer to currency, NFTs are now being touted as the digital answer to collectibles.

So what is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, videos, and…

Welcome a new month with our latest Team Spotlight and Power Hour!
Episode 3 features Kenneth Teo, our Senior Vice President — Investor Relations and Special Projects who shares three common questions investors typically ask. He shares the best business advice that he has ever been given: simplify and don’t over-engineer! Head to our Youtube Channel to listen to his little nuggets of insight.

Team Spotlight

In our Team Spotlight section, we ask WadzPay’s executive leadership left-field questions to familiarise our readers with who the leaders are as individuals, on a deeper level.

Your role is Senior Vice President — Investor Relations…

Wondering how to get tokens for free? Many crypto enthusiasts are hunting for Airdrops where they receive a new virtual currency to their wallet address, simply by being an active member of the blockchain community, or holding specific tokens for a period of time.

Since 2017 in the crypto world, there are countless projects using Airdrops as a marketing strategy that triggers faster adoption. Take for an example, Bitcoin holders who once received a 1:1 bonus airdrop of Bitcoin Cash, as a result of a hard fork in 2017.

How Airdrops Work

Forums, Telegram groups and cryptocurrency websites are good sources for finding…

Bitcoin price went down on May 2021

Regardless of market conditions, WadzPay’s core promise of bringing accessible payments to everyone, remains true. WadzPay is focusing on the utility of digital currencies such as Stable coins in the payments space, so the primary use case is unaffected by market movements.

Despite that, the editorial team at WadzPay has prepared an assessment of the current ‘state of affairs’ for the digital currency market.

On 19th May 2021, the crypto market crashed by as much as 50% behind some negative news surrounding cryptocurrency. It has been five days since the ‘bloodbath’, and it seems the crypto market is still experiencing…

What’s the major problem with traditional (fiat) payment systems? And what’s the benefit of cryptocurrencies in the long run? These are just some of the many common questions we received about this fascinating sector. Catch Stas Madorski, our talented Vice President — Marketing.

Stas will be debunking ‘Fanboyism’ in Crypto: The Need For Interoperability. Listen to him give his views on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and his undying love for char kway teow!

Team Spotlight

In our Team Spotlight section, we ask WadzPay’s executive leadership left-field questions to familiarise our readers with who the leaders are as individuals, on a deeper level.

How did…

The terms “bear” and “bull market” are frequently used to point out market conditions. Most investors are familiar with this, in order to understand whether the markets are depreciating or appreciating in value. In cryptocurrency, the speculative nature makes the market especially prone to bear and bull behaviour.

So, what do those terms mean?

Bear Market

In the stock market, a bear market is a condition that can develop over months (for example when market drops 10–20% over the period of 2–3 months). however, in cryptocurrency, the same variation can occur within a day! …

“What gets me excited is when I see new solutions and ideas that will make the world a better place in the future.”

Steve Tunstall, WadzPay’s Group Head — Compliance and Risk

From horse-riding to preventing further forest destruction, Steve claimed he wasn’t a good student, but what did it take for him to be one of the top global influencers in his field?

Steve shares his weekend habits and bite-sized advice to never stop learning.

Team Spotlight

In our Team Spotlight section, we ask WadzPay’s executive leadership left-field questions to familiarise our readers with who the leaders are as individuals, on…

Similar to the stock market, a cryptocurrency exchange platform promotes virtual trading of cryptocurrencies. There are two types of cryptocurrency exchanges – centralized and decentralized (DEX). It is important to understand the difference between the two before you dive into the crypto world.

A centralized exchange is a neutral third-party exchange that facilitates any transaction or transfer of cryptocurrencies between two parties. This type of cryptocurrency exchange matches individuals’ searches for cryptocurrency with institutions or traders that offer liquidity. It minimizes market friction by improving liquidity and offering the convenience of trading. The transactions are processed through an account that…


WadzPay is a Blockchain-based payments platform for Digital Currencies. WadzPay anyone, buy anything, in any digital currency.

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